about me


Who’s Behind

Name  – Marcel Konecny
Email – marcelkonecny@gmail.com
Origin – I was born on 15 Sep 1971 in Czechoslovakia
life missions and hobbies:
  • photographer  – (since 1985 )  3 times – national geography – travel photo  awarded
  • traveler  –  60+ countries in 6 continents
  • athlete – handball , tenis, badminton, climber and many others …
  • paraglider pilot (since 1998)
  • vegetarian (since 1990)
  • bussines man (1991-2013) this chapter is finish
Write to Me

I make an effort to reply to every email sent to me directly, and I’m always happy to hear from readers. I much prefer mail sent directly to this domain, and usually don’t check, much less answer, email sent to me via Facebook or other social networks.

Island toilet

Island toilet