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December 07

my beard – 99days :)

September 28

Moorea island

2days in Moorea Pictures:

September 19

Rangiroa sharks video

Today 3 dives baracudas, dolphins, rays, stone fishes and more … video from Rangiroa: pictures from today:

September 18

atol Rangiroa

Diving trip to Rangiroa Atol pictures from today (GOPRO cam) :

September 17

Tahiti day 4.

today trip around island pictures from today :

September 16


today BIG day in my LIFE very close contact with whale baby !       whale video !!!! pictures from today:    

September 15

Tahiti day 2.

today i try 4hr  find whales but unsuccessful pictures from today :

September 14


1 day in fr.polynesia tired without money ( credit card no working here) bot rescue by local freindly family 🙂