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December 07

my beard – 99days :)


September 13

West coast

last day in USA way from Big sur to LA by night fly to Tahiti pictures from today :      

September 12

San Francisco

morning was foggy I visited the historic submarine !  (good experience) and I have traveled the historic cabel car by SF hill cross red bridge in fog and then afternoon way to BIG SUR (wild western coast) pictures from today :    

September 11

Yosemite NP

whole day in the smoke from fire 😦 pictures from today:    

September 10

way to Yosemite

morning in Death valley afternoon long way to Yosemite more than 250km detour because fire in Yosemite NP pictures from today:      

September 09

Death Valley

Afternoon i arrived to Death Valley NP Very hard place for sleep inside car 🙂   (38 st. C by night) pictures from today :      

September 08


rainy day  in Zion NP Evening LAS VEGAS  – Cirque du soleil (LOVE- Beatles)  show pictures from today:

September 07

red waves area

today strong story 8hr in desert nice wave landscape pictures from today : Arizona/Utah red waves landscape

September 06

Utah no name cave

today i discovered small cave in Utah mountains ! very strong experience pictures from today:    

September 05

Bryce canyon

Back in Utah long Way from Salt lake afternoon Bryce canyon pictures from today:

September 04

Grand Teton

morning few hours in Yellowstone then way to south cross Grand Teton and highland to Salt Lake (11hr drive ) pictures from today:    

September 03

Yellowstone day 2.

pictures from today :

Yellowstone np September 02

way to Yellowstone

whole day heavy rain (8 hours behind the wheel) evening arrival to Yellowstone pictures from today:  

September 01

Way to Salt lake

Morning last visit Canyonlands  – beautiful thunderstorms afternoon trip to Idaho pictures from today:    

August 31


today  Arches national park  – a lot of people (labor day weekend) evening trip by hidden valley to Canyonland again (strong story – alone inside river with my Jeep 🙂 pictures from today:

August 30


1.week finish more then 1000 miles by car more than 20 hours of walking 🙂 today Canyonlands – part Needles beautiful area without tourist (inside) hard core off road by my JEEP 🙂

August 29

Monument valley

August 28

Grand Canyon day 3.

8 hrs walking up !  from Colorado river  

August 27

grand canyon day 2.

today 4 hr descend to the bottom and then 2hr trip around river rain showers whole day and evening thunderstorms but sometime amazing views

August 26

Grand canyon

half day on the route 66 and afternoon 7hr walking around Grand canyon (70% rain and fog) more pictures later ( now a go down into canyon)  

August 25

old ROUTE 66

from California to Arizona  ( by historic route 66 ) big thunderstorms loop to Mojave desert flooding in the Black mountain whole day heavy rain  but very nice landscape ( i recommend part  old route 66 from Needle to Kingman) i slept in the car  because  not possible cross river  

August 24

arrival to Los Angeles

12 hrs in plane from Paris to LA Big story with immigration officer 🙂  (1,5hr because i can’t travel around the world only with 1 backpack ) evening  Holywood, Broadway (nothing for me)